Ensuring forest roads are well maintained and kept in good condition - especially at stream crossings - is one of the best things we can do for fish - and people - that rely on healthy forests. Well maintained forest roads minimize the amount of harmful fine sediments and material that enters streams in heavy rains, and well maintained road crossings are much less prone to unnatural, harmful erosion and slides. Flooded, collapsed or failed culverts at road crossings interrupt forestry operations, and can dramatically increase costs to forest landowners. A range of recreational forest users - hunters, hikers, anglers, and others - also rely on forest roads to reach their destinations, and keeping forest roads in good condition is one way to help ensure those areas and the streams within them stay healthy. A reinvestment in forest road infrastructure is a reinvestment in one of the primary industries of Tillamook County and the North Coast, and a reinvestment in the health of the streams and fisheries that rely on forest habitats.